Structural Engineering

Structural Engineers design, assess and inspect structures to ensure that they are efficient and stable. It is both a technical and a creative role that involves close collaboration with professionals from other disciplines.

Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering that involves the application of the laws of physics, mathematics and empirical knowledge to safely design the ‘bones’ and load bearing elements of man made structures.

TEC Ltd are proud to offer our specialist structural engineering services on a wide range of projects from home improvements to large commercial projects.

What is a structural engineer? – The Institution of Structural Engineers (

Commercial / Industrial

Concorde Park

Ocean Infinity

Arena Winnersh

Anaerobic Digestor Plant

Magna Business Park

Retail / Leisure

Richmond Harbour Hotel

BOSC Pavilion

Salisbury Racecourse

Tank Museum


Radcliffe Court

SIPs Houses

Harlequin Homes

Charlew Developments